Posted by: Kristi Tuck Austin | November 24, 2010

Short Story Week, November 22-28

Yesterday in
Genreville, Rose Fox recommended National Short Story Week.  So what if it is a British attempt to draw awareness to short stories and short story writers?  American short stories need a little love, too.  This week is a good time to settle down with a book, especially short stories that can be read between checking the turkey and stirring the gravy.  Here are a couple to keep you company on the long weekend.

This Far by Faith includes a story by Richmonder Stacy Hawkins Adams.  This anthology was a first place winner in the 2008 African American Literary Awards Show in the anthology category and an August 2008 Essence Bestseller.

You all know about Richmond Noir, at least you hear me talking about it enough.  It is noir with a Richmond focus by Richmond authors.

Belle Boggs’s Mattaponi Queen, a collection of connected short stories won the 2009 Katharine Bakeless Nason Publication Prize for Fiction.  “Deer Season,” the opening story, begins, “On the first day of deer season the high school is deserted by all the boys.”  Hunting season is an institution back home, one that comes to the forefront on Thanksgiving weekend.

Take a look at Clay McLeod Chapman’s Rest Area. It is the first collection by the creator of the acclaimed Pumpkin Pie Show.

Or read from Blackbird, the online journal of literature and arts from VCU.

And, of course, there is the old favorite, Mr. Poe.

If you’re on the way out of town and don’t have time to run by one of the local independent bookstores to pick up a copy or get more recommendations, check out some short stories online by these authors: Susann Cokal Colleen Curran, Virginia Pye, and Bill Blume.

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