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How can River City Fiction improve? I want to hear your comments, book recommendations, events, and suggestions.  Please email me at rivercityfiction (at) gmail (dot) com.


I love sonnets because their structure provides perfect freedom.  I think blogs can be the same way, so here are the policies that order River City Fiction.

Coverage and Reviews:

You can read River City Fiction’s mission here.  River City Fiction does not feature nonfiction, poetry, screenplays, or self-published works.  I do not read romance or erotica.


You’ll notice a list of upcoming Richmond events in the sidebar of every River City Fiction page.  These include readings, signings, conferences, and organization meetings in Richmond, Virginia.  I do not mention events held at chain bookstores unless they involve Richmond authors.  As time allows, I post about events I attend.

I learn about events from newsletters, bookstore visits, blogs, Twitter, and websites.  I welcome event updates at rivercityfiction (at) gmail (dot) com.

Richmond Authors:

First of all, thank you for your art and the time, energy, and creativity you put into making Richmond a better place.

I define a Richmond author as someone who currently resides in the Richmond Metro Area or lived in Richmond for a substantial amount of time (attending UR, VCU, Virginia Union, etc. qualifies as a substantial amount of time; visiting your great-aunt Elsie for two weeks over summer holiday does not).

If you have a new or upcoming release, I want to hear from you.  Please email me and specify if you’re interested in a book review, interview, or have upcoming events to add to the calendar.

I accept ARCs and books for review.  Please notify me four weeks before your release date if you want the review to coincide.  I will cross-post reviews to LibraryThing and Shelfari and will consider cross-posting to retailers’ websites at your request.  I cannot accept PDFs or e-books at this time.

I suggest you email me before sending a book.  I try to respond to all emails within one week.  If I receive a book that isn’t a good fit for River City Fiction, I reserve the right to not review it.  If return postage is not included, it might be used as a giveaway on River City Fiction or donated.  If this occurs, you will receive credit for giving the book.

I cover as many events as I can, but if you want to ensure I blog about your event, please email me four weeks prior.  If you are a Richmond author, I will cover your event even if it is at a local chain bookstore.

River City Fiction strives to include author interviews, giveaways, and guest posts.  If you are interested in participating (I will love you forever), please email me.  Please consider adding River City Fiction to your next blog tour.  Again, a four-week notice is appreciated.

Please email me any changes to your author profile.

Richmond Booksellers:

You, the brick and mortar indies, are the heart of our literary community and we are grateful.

The River City events calendar is for any fiction-related event held in your store or sponsored by you.  They do not have to feature a Richmond author.

If you are speaking at a local organization or have news you want to share with the Richmond community, email me.  If it is a time sensitive announcement, please include that in your email notice.


If you won a contest on River City Fiction, congratulations!

After I announce a winner on River City Fiction, you have 72 hours to email your contact information, including your mailing address.  If I do not receive an email from you within 72 hours, I will select another winner.  Sorry I must do this, but books clutter my house already; I don’t need extra copies sitting around when their new owners can love them.  If you plan to be on vacation when I announce winners, email me before I post the winner and special arrangements can be made.

I will not share your information with anyone.  Okay, maybe if my husband is going to the post office I’ll let him see your address, but he is trustworthy, I promise.  Please do not include personal information in the comments section.  I cannot prevent others from taking information you post there.  Please submit contact information only by email.

It might take up to two weeks for you to receive your prize, though I plan to mail your book within three days of receiving your address.  I use USPS media mail which can take seven business days for delivery.

Contests are open to US residents only.


Thank you for spending your precious and scarce free time with River City Fiction.  I define a Richmond reader as anyone in our city who loves to read, either a native Richmonder or a day-trip visitor who stopped by one of the city’s tremendous independent bookstores.

I want to provide useful reviews and help connect you to Richmond’s authors, booksellers, libraries, and readers.  As mentioned above, I welcome your input.

Email questions to rivercityfiction (at) gmail (dot) com.

Thank you for your time and interest.  I look forward to hearing from you.


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