Book Clubs

River City Reads

This is just about the best idea ever: a Richmond book club with an online forum, book club guides, and local events.  And so far they’ve picked books by authors with local ties.  And they partner with Chop Suey BooksIt gives me goosebumps to think about it.

Fountain Bookstore Book Club on Twitter

It’s the ideal book club for introverts like me.  Plus, it’s co-hosted by The Book Lady’s Blog.


The Book Lady’s Blog

The most panty-worthy book blog I’ve read.  (No idea what I’m talking about?  Check out her site.)  Go to an event at Fountain Bookstore and you can meet The Book Lady.  She is just as charming in person.

The Book Studio

I cannot express how much joy this site gives me or how much money I’m going to spend on the books they feature.

Radio and Podcast

Wordy Birds

Richmonder Liz Humes talks books with authors and independent booksellers.  Listen online to her interviews if you can’t catch her on 97.3 FM WRIR.

How do you connect to other readers?

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